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  • A Transmit Antenna Selection Algorithm for Massive MIMO Wiretap Channels
    (Bachelorarbeit) 06/2018 Jan Philipp Wiedemann 

  • Software Defined Networking for Next Generation Internet of Things in 5G Systems 
    (Masterarbeit) 05/2018 Eliise Köre
  • Distributed Source Coding of Observations Obtained by Wireless Sensor Networks in Manufacturing Environments
    (Masterarbeit) 03/2018 Harshal Singhal
  • Channel Coding for THz Communication Systems
    (Masterarbeit) 03/2018 Viktoria Schram



  • Molecular Communication with Magnetic Nano-Particles
    (Masterarbeit) 01/2017 Wayan Wicke
  • Resource Allocation for a Distributed Antenna System
    (Masterarbeit) 01/2017 Meysam Goodarzi
  • Algorithms and HW/SW Split for Multi-Standard Cell Search
    (Master Thesis) 01/2017 Christopher R. Arbogast

  • Advanced Receiver Algorithms for LTE Downlink to Compensate for Sample Covariance Mismatches
    (Masterarbeit) 04/2017 Amr Eldosoky

  • Interference Alignment for SC-FDMA and OFDMA systems
    (Masterarbeit) 05/2017 Waleed Hassan

  • NOMA System Design
    (Masterarbeit) 07/2017 Afsaneh Gharoouni

  • Channel Selection for Wearable Wireless Devices in the THz Range
    (Bachelorarbeit) 08/2017 Nelvia Del Cisne Gonza Ajila

  • Optimal Resource Allocation for Secure Wireless Communication Systems
    (Masterarbeit) Dongfang Xu 

  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Waveform for "Internet of Things" over Satellite
    (Bachelorarbeit) 11/2017 Lukas Meyer


  • Performance Analysis of Wireless Information and Energy Transfer Systems with Non-linear Energy Harvesting Model
    (Masterarbeit) 12/2016 Esmat Mohamed Ramadan Aly Hassan
  • Performance Evaluation of Different Modulation Schemes for Reactive Receivers
    (Masterarbeit) 12/2016 Mengyu Zhao
  • Analysis, Comparison, and Modeling of Practical RF EH Circuits for Communication Networks
    (Bachelorarbeit) 11/2016 Shajeeshan Lingeswaran
  • Molecular Communication in Blood Vessel: A Stochastic Channel Modeling Approach
    (Master Thesis) 11/2016 Tobias Schwering
  • Object Localization in Magnetic Induction based Wireless Underground Sensor Networks using Machine Learning
    (Master Thesis) 10/2016 Xiaoyang Chen
  • A study of wearable wireless devices (WWDs) in the Terahertz (THz) band under high user density situations
    (Master Thesis) 04/2016 Renato Zea Vintimilla
  • SW-Implementation of Selected MIMO Receiver Algorithms on Intel Xeon Server
    (Master Thesis) 02/2016 Vandith Ega
  • Active Multihop Relaying for Magnetic Induction based Wireless Underground Sensor Network
    (Master Thesis) 05/2016 Alesia Petrascu


  • Advanced Receiver Algorithms for LTE Control Channels in Presence of Parameter Estimation Errors and Inter-Cell Interference
    (Master Thesis) 08/2015 Vinay Nair
  • Sum Rate Analysis of the Downlink of a Massive MIMO System with Linear Precoders and Advance User Terminals
    (Master Thesis) 10/2015 Katharina Ackermann
  • Information Theoretic Performance Bounds for Practical Full-Duplex Communication
    (Master Thesis) 09/2015 Erik Sipple

  • Energy Harvesting Receiver Modelling and Resource Allocation in SWIPT
    (Master Thesis) 09/2015 Elena Boshkovska
  • Mobility Models for Cooperative Communications
    (Master Thesis) 04/2015 Daniel Oriold
  • Multi-Objective Power Allocation for Energy Efficient Wireless Information and Power Transfer Systems
    (Master Thesis) 04/2015 Shiyang Leng
  • Adaptive Smoothing of Renewable Energy Integration in Smart Grid
    (Diploma Thesis) 03/2015 Christine Schneider
  • Buffer-Aided Relaying with Imperfect CSI
    (Master Thesis) 04/2015 Noha Waly
  • Implementation of Multi-Stream Receiver Algorithms on Intel Architecture
    (Master Thesis) 09/2015 Michael Filler


  • Multiuser Scheduling for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Systems
    (Master Thesis) 12/2014 Maryna Chynonova
  • Resource Allocation for Layered Transmission in Multicast OFDM Systems
    (Master Thesis) 11/2014 Kathy Huishu Zhang
  • Power Saving Potential of Wireless Relaying
    (Bachelor Thesis) 10/2014 Clemens Korn
  • Multi-Cell Interference Aware Precoding for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems
    (Master Thesis) 10/2014 Mottaz El-Sharkawy
  • Equalization for FBMC/OQAM Transmission over Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels
    (Projektarbeit) Daniel Oriold

  • Frequency Domain Processing for Magnetic Induction based Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
    (Forschungspraktikum) Nikolas Dütsch
  • Design and Implementation of a Scheduler for Processing Tasks in the LTE Receiver
    (Master Thesis) 08/2014 Parminder Singh

  • Single-Carrier Frequency-Division Multiple Access Transmission for Physical Layer Network Coding
    (Diploma Thesis) 06/2014 Stefan Bliß

  • Buffer-Aided Relaying with Discrete Transmission Rates
    (Bachelor Thesis) 05/2014 Wayan Wicke

  • Hybrid Relaying Techniques in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
    (Master Thesis) 05/2014 Benjamin Sackenreuter

  • Channel Modeling, Modulation and Detection for Terahertz

    (Master Thesis) 05/2014 Anamaria Moldovan

  • Widely-linear Transceiver Design for Interference Alignment
    (Master Thesis) 04/2014 Rameez Ilyas


  • Buffer-Aided Relaying with Adaptive Link Selection for Multihop Relay Networks
    (Master Thesis) 12/2013 Heba Shoukry

  • Distance Estimation for Molecular Communication
    (Bachelor Thesis) 11/2013 Mokhtar Marzouk

  • Improving Range of Molecular Communication with Relays
    (Master Thesis) 11/2013 Arman Ahmadzadeh

  • Sensing for 3GPP LTE based Cognitive Mobile Radio
    (Master Thesis) 11/2013 Aylin Solak

  • Netzwerk Performance Analyse für High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) mit Mehrantennen-Techniken
    (Studienarbeit) 09/2013 Stefan Bliß

  • Proportional Fair User Grouping and Resource Allocation for SC-FDMA with Power Allocation
    (Diplomarbeit) 01/2013 Johannes Wechsler


  • Optimal Relay Selection in case of Imperfect Channel Estimation
    (Master Thesis) 10/2012 Jonathan Ng
  • Precoding for Physical Layer Network Coding
    (Diplomarbeit) - 05/2012 Matthias Ziegler
  • Reduced Complexity Algorithms for Joint User Pairing and Resource Allocation for SC-FDMA
    (Diplomarbeit) - 04/2012 Jean-Sebastian Heinrichs
  • Funknetzsimulator für High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) mit Mehrantennen-Techniken
    (Studienarbeit) - 03/2012 Gantur Amgalan


  • Propagation Parameter Tracking using Extended Kalman Filter
    (Masterarbeit) - 11/2011 Lalitha Pakala
  • Methods for Intercarrier Interference Avoidance in OFDM receivers
    (Masterarbeit) - 08/2011 Alexander Kosukhin

  • Channel Estimation for Multi-Point Downlink Transmission in LTE-Advanced
    (Masterarbeit) - 06/2011 Daiyong Ding
  • Cooperative Multipoint Transmission in Heterogeneous Mobile Radio Networks
    (Masterarbeit) - 05/2011 Burcu Hanta
  • Single–Antenna Interference Cancellation (SAIC) for EDGE via Lp–Norm and Erasure Decoding
    (Diplomarbeit) - 03/2011 Andreas Lehmann


  • User Pairing for the Downlink of a GSM MUROS Transmission
    (Projektarbeit) - 11/2010 Burcu Hanta
  • Simulation of a GSM MUROS Network
    (Masterarbeit) - 11/2010 Ranjeet Tadisina 

  • Frequency Domain Scheduling and User Pairing for an SC-FDMA Transmission over ISI Channels
    (Projektarbeit) - 11/2010 Daiyong Ding 
  •  Entwicklung und Analyse eines Soft-Output CPFSK-Demodulators 
    (Masterarbeit) - 11/2010 Shahram Zarei 

  • Statistische Analyse und Auswertung von MIMO-Funkkanalmessungen 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 10/2010 Fabian Schuh 

  • Co-channel Interference Cancelation for SC-FDMA Transmission in LTE Uplink 
    (Masterarbeit) - 05/2010 Wenhao Zhang


  •  Kanalschätzung für Netzwerk-MIMO im zukünftigen Mobilfunkstandard LTE 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 12/2009 Fang Fang

  • Scheduling-Algorithmen für Long Term Evolution (LTE) Time-Division Duplex (TDD) 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 05/2009 Maria Djanatliev  

  • Beamforming for the Uplink of Long Term Evolution (LTE) 
    (Masterarbeit) - 04/2009 Sowmya Jayananda 


  • Multiuser MIMO Empfänger für den Uplink von Long Term Evolution (LTE) 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 11/2008 Michael Ruder 

  • Iterative Detektionsverfahren für den Uplink von Long Term Evolution (LTE) 
    (Studienarbeit) - 10/2008 Maria Djanatliev 

  • Effiziente Übertragung großer Dateien in UMTS-Netz mittels auf Network Coding basierendem mobile-zu-mobile Datenaustausch
    (Studienarbeit) - 10/2008 Michael Meier 

  • MIMO Multicast/Broadcast Übertragung im Downlink von 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)
    (Diplomarbeit) - 09/2008 Loc Truong Hoang 


  • Turbo-Interferenzreduktion für Einträgersysteme 
    (Studienarbeit) - 11/2007 Michael Ruder 
  • Distributed Routing and Power Control Algorithms in Fixed Wireless Networks 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 10/2007 Alban Ferizi
  • Joint Connection and Packet Level Performance Analysis in WCDMA Radio Interface 
    (Masterarbeit) - 09/2007 Vanya Baldzhieva
  • Übertragungsverfahren für den Uplink von Long Term Evolution (LTE) 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 08/2007 Lilly Dang

  • Performance Analysis of Network Coding based Mobile-to-Mobile Data Transfer in UMTS systems 
    (Studienarbeit) - 07/2007 Loc Truong Hoang

  • Turboentzerrung für GSM/ EDGE 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 05/2007 Yanislav Shkodrov
  • Hochstufige Modulation und Turbocodierung für GSM/ EDGE 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 03/2007 Christoph Reck

  • Interferenzrobuste OFDM-Übertragungsverfahren für die 4G-Mobilkommunikation 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 02/2007 Cristian Crego
  • Gemeinsame Sender- und Empfängeroptimierung für MIMO-Systeme mit gestörtem Feedback 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 01/2007 Alvaro De Vega 


  • Netzkapazitätsuntersuchung für verschiedene Interferenzunterdrückungsverfahren bei GSM/ EDGE 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 08/2006 Florian Englmann
  •  Bandbreitenoptimierter Datenaustausch in UMTS - Netzen durch Einsatz von direkter Übertragung von MS zu MS 
    (Masterarbeit) - 08/2006 Thomas Herpel 
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Interferenz-Unterdrückung für Mehrantennen-Empfänger 
    (Studienarbeit) - 07/2006 
  • Jinghua Zhong Gemeinsame Kanalschätzung und Detektion für Ein- und Mehrantennen-Empfänger 
    (Masterarbeit) - 06/2006 Armin Schmidt 
  • Simulation Model for Performance Analysis of UMTS-Networks with Variable Data Rate 
    (Studienarbeit) - 03/2006 Alban Ferizi  
  • Interferenzrobuste Empfänger für Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
    (Diplomarbeit) - 03/2006 Ana Camarero  


  • Investigations of the Convergence Behaviour of Iterative Detection Algorithms for MC-CDMA Based Broadband Systems
    (Diplomarbeit) - 12/2005 Serkan Ayaz 
  • Erstellung eines Praktikumsversuchs "Diversity und Kanalcodierung am Beispiel GSM"
    (Studienarbeit) - 07/2005 Sascha Thomas 
  • Adaptive Turbo-Equalization of QAM Modulated Signals in a Multi-User Mobile Communications System with ISI Channels
    (Studienarbeit) - 05/2005 Florian Schmidt 
  • Interferenzunterdrückung für Space-Time Codierte Signale 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 05/2005  Christian Rohde 
  • Optimierung von Power Control Strategien und Handover-Kriterien in UMTS Netzwerken
    (Diplomarbeit) - 05/2005 Bistra Kumanova 
  • A Mathematical Model for the Physical Layer Performance of an Interference Cancellation Receiver for UMTS
    (Diplomarbeit) - 04/2005 Guohua Li  
  • Traffic modelling and performance analysis in UMTS networks for different kinds of services
    (Diplomarbeit) - 04/2005 Bengi Akyürek Mehmet 
  • Performance of Multi-User Detection in Systems with Multiple Antennas for OFDM-based Radio Communication
    (Studienarbeit) - 03/2005 Jörg Fischer 
  • Erstellung eines Praktikumsversuchs zu WLAN IEEE802.11a (OFDM)
    (Studienarbeit) - 02/2005 Stefanie Wenk


  • Untersuchung zu Empfängerkonzepten für WLAN IEEE 802.11b-CCK
    (Studienarbeit) - 11/2004 Tomas Tucek 
  • Erstellung eines Praktikumsversuchs zur Analyse realistischer Funkkanäle
    (Studienarbeit) - 11/2004 Giovanni Marino 
  • Link Level performance model for a multi-user-detection receiver in UMTS
    (Diplomarbeit) - 11/2004 Ayse Sicramaz 
  • Untersuchung der WLAN (IEEE 802.11a-OFDM) Performance im mobilen Betrieb bei hohen Relativgeschwindigkeiten
    (Diplomarbeit) - 09/2004 Andreas Eidloth 


  • Frequenz- und Phasensynchronisation für den WLAN-Standard HiperLAN/2 und IEEE 802.11a
    (Studienarbeit) - 07/2003 Michael Stucke
  • Empfangsverfahren für den WLAN Standard IEEE 802.11b
    (Studienarbeit) - 05/2003 Mirko Menden 
  • Optimized (Space Time) Delay Diversity Codes for Frequency Selective Fading Channels
    (Studienarbeit) - 02/2003 Thorsten Hehn 


  • Analysis and Optimisation of Rate Assignment Algorithms for Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) in 3G-Networks 
    (Diplomarbeit) - 11/2002 Gunther Knopp