4G/5G Mobile Communications Systems (4G/5G MCS)

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Brück

Vorlesung, 2 cred.h, benoteter certificate, ECTS studies, ECTS credits: 2,5
nur Fachstudium, für Gasthörer zugelassen, Sprache Englisch
Time and place: Fri 8:30 - 10:00, N 5.17

Fields of study
WF ASC-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF EEI-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF CME-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF CE-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF IuK-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF WING-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)

Digital Communications

Mobile communication plays a significant role in our daily life. Over the last three decades the mobile applications have been tremendously enhanced from voice only over mobile broadband to applications for the mobile internet. Currently, the next generation of cellular systems, the so-called ‘5th Generation (5G)’ is developed and first commercial 5G networks are expected to be deployed around mid of 2019. 5G will play an outstanding role for the Internet of Things and will redefine a wide range of industries by enabling new use cases. This lecture will provide the technical foundation of 4G (LTE) and 5G mobile communication systems with a focus on the radio access network and the PHY & MAC layer concepts.

Lecture Notes "4G/5G Mobile Communications Systems"
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Expected participants: 30