Mobile Communications Laboratory [PrMoKo]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. GerstackerArman Ahmadzadeh, M.Sc.

Thursday 14:00 - 19:00
Friday          14:00 - 19:00

E 1.10, Cauerstr. 7

German or English

ECTS Credits:
2.5 Credits, Laboratory, 2.5 cred.h, ECTS-Studium

Fields of Study:
WPF IuK-BA 5-6 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF IuK-MA-KN-EEI 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF IuK-MA-ÜTMK-EEI 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF WING-BA-IKS-ING-P 4-6 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF CE-MA-TA-IT 2-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF EEI-BA-INT 5-6 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF EEI-MA-INT 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF SIM-DH 6-8 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WF SIM-MA 2-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF CME-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF WING-MA 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)

Good background on "Communication Systems" and "Signals and Systems".

As a supplement to the courses "Fundamentals of Mobile Communications" and "Communication Networks", a set of eight laboratory experiments on mobile communications are offered. The experiments are all based on MATLAB, which is both a high-level programming language and an interactive environment ideally suited for this task. This lab contains experiments on

  1.  Mobile Radio Channels (two experiments)
  2.  Diversity and Channel Coding in Mobile Communication Systems
  3.  OFDM Transmission
  4.  Equalization for Mobile Channels (two experiments)
  5.  Code Division Multiple Access and Rake Receiver
  6. Mobile Radio Networks

Thursday Group:
Friday Group:

In case of any problem regarding the registration, please contact: Arman Ahmadzadeh, M.Sc.


The students are supposed to register for ONLY ONE TIME SLOT (i.e., Thursday OR Friday). Students who register for both the time slots are automatically removed from the list and are not allowed to register afterwards. Moreover, NO INTERCHANGE between the time slots is guaranteed after the registration. Therefore, the applicants are kindly asked to choose the time slot carefully.