Digital Communications Laboratory [DiCoLab]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schober

Registration period: Until 19 Nov. 2017

Time: Block course at the end of this semester (in February 2018)

Traineeship, 3 SWS, Credit, ECTS-Credits: 2,5, only subjectstudy

Subject of Study / Branch of Study:
WPF CME-MA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF EEI-MA-INT from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF EEI-BA-INT from 6 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF IuK-MA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)
WPF WING-MA 2 (ECTS-Credits: 2,5)

ECTS Information:
2,5 Credits

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For any question regarding the course and registration, please contact Ebrahim Amiri.