Research Internships in Progress

Institute for Digital Communications proposes the students to join for research internship. The focus of the research could be experimental, theoretical or implementation projects. Combinations of different focal points are also possible. A research internship is possible in many master degree programs. Many of our offered master theses can be carried out as a research internship.

If interested in relevant subjects, please contact.


  • Achievable Rate Region of the Bidirectional Full-Duplex Channel (ongoing)
    Giuseppe Rindone
    The proposal can be found here.
  • Drone-Based Communication Using FSO Backbone (ongoing)
    Hedieh Ajam, since 01.07.2016
    The proposal can be found here.
  • Deep Learning for Equalization and Cochannel Interference Cancellation (ongoing)
    Ilse Sofia Ramirez, since 08.02.2018
    Recently, machine learning techniques have received significant attention in signal processing. For example, it has been shown that deep learning schemes offer an excellent performance in some applications in audio and multimedia signal processing. In this research internship, the potential of deep learning will be investigated for some selected  applications in signal processing for communications. In particular, the equalization of signals received over highly frequency-selective channels and the recovery of signals from observations impaired by severe cochannel interference, respectively, will be considered. After a review of deep learning approaches, some suitable schemes will be selected and implemented. The influence of training on the performance of the selected schemes will be analyzed, and a comparison with conventional schemes with respect to performance and complexity will be conducted.